About Us

Hello everyone MC Magic here, welcome to our official home on the web, Nastyboy Records is the little record label that could! I founded my record company as a way to release this music I was producing in my little home studio back in the early 90s. I really felt like our people were being ignored by record companies, radio and the media too. So we took the bull by the horns and here we are almost 30 years after we released the 1st full CD in 1995. "Don't Worry" MC Magic featuring "Lost In Love"

  • Order with confidence and watch your email notifications when we ship
  • All titles are original Nastyboy Records productions and recordings
  • We also have Posters and T-Shirts for all the TRUE fans
  • Our on-line store started back in 2003 and still going strong
  • Magic Custom Songs are personalized just like back in my Swap Meet Days
  • Feel free to email with questions or concerns support@nastyboyrecords.com
  • For bookings please contact my manager Darrell Asberry "Big-D" 818-613-6749